Ben Streeter: “Dream”

The mom really hates me. The baby steps in my huge oatmeal or protein drink but the dad cleans it up. This black lady says that’s a fact, Jack! and I’m in it. The mom was telling a story, well it was more like a prolonged interjection, at a long dining table. I give a pound to the black guy from Ghostbusters. Then I’m trying to see if I can get the hot pink hair gel that her daughter wouldn’t sell me. A neighbor brings a towel over with like a pie on it that says I found God. The host reluctantly allows the gifter into his home. The son sprays himself with something that gives him power. His breath is cold and unsmelling. He is viciously racist. Listen, he tells the pledge, all you gotta do is like it to love it. It’s like an all of the above thing.


Ben Streeter was raised in the south of France. He received his B.A. in political science from Gettysburg College. His writing has been published by Celebrate Gettysburg Magazine, Hanover Evening Sun, Chambersburg Public Opinion, York Daily Record,, and Gettysburg Majestic Theater Film Blog.


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