Crony One: In Favor

CRONY #1 // Fall 2013

In Favor:

Fiction by: Peter C. Baker, Nate Brown, Chris Daley, Adam Kenworthy, Zack Kushner, Ed Park, Mark Pritchard, Ben Streeter, Colin Summers, and Benjamin Warner.

Poetry by: Aaron Burch, Cecil Castellucci, Andrew Foster, John Harper, Michele Seabrook, and David L. Ulin.

Essay by: Rebecca Donner.

Editors: Antoine Wilson & G.M. Quinte

(All Images for CRONY issue 1 by Antoine Wilson, unless otherwise noted.)


Guidelines: Something outside your usual genre / something you weren’t sure about putting out there / something that’s almost nothing / something that doesn’t begin or end / something not boring / we’ll be here as long as we’re here / publishing our friends / editors (a.t.) cronymag (d0t) com

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